The Divorce of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt and Angelina Joliemade a big reveal on their breakup two decades ago. After two decades of marriage and with an overall total of twelve years being together, they stopped their connection with a divorce. Certainly one of Hollywood's power-couples, Brangelina, gave a closure in their renowned celebrity after years of sharing joyous days together.

They surely grabbed attention during their reported breakup which slowly died down after a while. Just this summer, brand new stories came up in regards to the development of their divorce involving the custody of the kids. Back in September, they finally went to court to set a truce.

What Happened with Brad pitt

Leaks arrived about Brad's reported smoking and smoking smoking. He allegedly sobered up in a rehab after the prosecution.

It had been said that an"incident" back in September 20-16 happened in a private plane between Brad and their son Maddox Jolie-Pitt. This could have impacted their divorce at a high grade.

However, latest news on Brad Pitt states that he was emphasizing his interest in R&B music and also his newfound enthusiasm for art sculpture.

Angelina Jolie's Side of the Story

It was Angelina who registered the divorce then private plane"episode". However, Jolie did not discuss the real reason for the break up that leads with his or her divorce.

Initially, Angelina desired to fight for a physical custody over the youngsters because of cited irreconcilable differences within their loved ones. However, with the eventful process of this divorce, Angelina supports the understanding between her kids and their dad, Brad.

What is Up?

Brad and Angelina have finally come to provisions in their custody agreement. Together with their divorce, they came into an understanding which opted to protect the best interests of their children.

It took a little time in order for them to sort out their agreement with the custody but they ended up working for the greater purpose of this conflict, which is their kiddies.

They both signed the agreement more than two weeks ago which was confirmed by Angelina Jolie's attorney, Samantha Bley DeJean. Because of both parties' approval on the settlement generated by the child custody evaluator, it eliminated the need for a trial. The details of the said agreement are kept confidential in order to keep a controversy outside of question.

Jolie is alleviated with all the growth of these situation which also aids the welfare of their family. Brad is now hoping that the worst is already behind them and that they could already move-on out of their painful history.

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